Why Canterbury Travel?

Why Canterbury Travel is simply the best!

When Canterbury Travel started tours to Lapland some 27 years ago there was no need for comparisons. We were the only operator featuring tours in Search of Santa Claus. This of course provided us with one immediate advantage in that we had our choice of locations in Lapland and were thereby able to select the very best for our
clientele. Within the last ten years there have been a plethora of imitators some of whom have more or less copied chunks, sometimes nearly word perfect from our brochure. Of course such copying may be considered the sincerest form of flattery, but it becomes difficult for evaluation purposes to determine the individual value and
content of any tour. After all what is different with one company versus another. For example one Lapland operator claims 25 years of experience in family holidays. Totally correct, but they fail to mention they have only 2 years experience in Lapland. Others claim to be true specialists but run a number of specialist brochures to varying countries throughout the year. Only Canterbury Travel can state clearly and without question that we offer only programmes to Lapland. This is simply all we do, sell Lapland from January to December each year. Selling only Lapland however is not a guarantee of quality, so what makes your Canterbury Travel tour special and different from those featured by our competitors.

Day visits to Lapland

All other operators would have you believe that all day visits are simply alike. That no one can offer you anything different and you should simply buy on price!!
Canterbury Travel are the only company to have personally invested in excess of £400,000 in Lapland to make their day trips unique.

- Santa's special elves, why of course you will meet and interact with his special assistants on our 'Extravaganza Tour'.

All Canterbury Travel day tours have their own individual characteristics and our reservations team will be pleased to discuss the various options with you.
But are all other aspects similar . . . BEWARE

Looking to avoid commerciality?

Read your tour operators description carefully to ensure that you are being brought to an authentic wilderness location where it is easy to believe that Santa might be found. All Canterbury Travel day tours feature such locations which are all in uncommercialised locations and are private to Canterbury Travel guests. Others might choose to use more commercialised centres which are not exclusive to the companies concerned.

Protective clothing?

Sure this is essential but not always provided. You need warm overclothing and boots. Be sure that your operator provides these. All Canterbury Travel Tours do.

Meeting Santa A Highlight?

Certainly one hopes with all operators. Yet at least one operator does not provide individual family visit to meet with Santa, choosing to bring groups of people in at the one time, negating in our personal opinion the total value of the experience. Naturally this fact is not specified within their brochure. You need to specifically ask to be aware.

After this surely the content must be the same?

Sadly the answer still remains no.
Although Canterbury Travel land arrangements differ the value within the various Canterbury tours remains consistent in quality. It is only Canterbury Travel that offer departures for some tours direct from the airport by Snowmobile and Sleigh. A most unusual and exciting start to your day tour.

Changing facilities at the airports?

Yes you need to change into the warm overclothing and boots (essential) that hopefully are being provided to you. Certainly no airport facilities are perfect but Canterbury Travel offer the best of what there is and their ground suppliers have invested money to provide that service. Short Stay tours to Lapland Continuing on the theme of why Canterbury offer the best when it comes to overnight tours we were fortunate to be the first to really feature tours in December to Lapland. We therefore were able to secure the best locations. It's as simple as that from the location aspect. When it comes to staffing levels at the various resorts there will be an amazing difference between operators. Canterbury Travel provide a significantly higher staff ratio to clientele numbers at most resorts. This should and does equate to a better service standard.

Investment in Lapland?

We know of no other operator here in the United Kingdom or Ireland investing in Lapland to improve the quality of service or tour content for their guests. Slowly but surely over the 27 odd years in Lapland we have invested in quality overgarments, snowmobiles, skis, warehouse facilities, accommodations, and various other aspects of your tour arrangements. This provides considerable control as to the quality that will be provided.

Tour Content

We strongly suggest when comparing what you believe is like with like that you watch out for free time. Free time is expensive in Lapland if you choose to undertake some activity in that free time.


On our tours of 2,3 and 4 nights duration we provide our own adult and children's entertainment programme. Our understanding is that no other UK company provides entertainment for their guests. You are dependent on local limited entertainment which in some resorts is simply non existent.

But Canterbury Travel cannot be perfect?

Of course not !! Like all other operators to Lapland we do receive complaints. Often these complaints are outside of our remit or based on personal expectancy.
An example: a tour with 48 completed surveys in connection with a meeting with Santa Claus. 41 found the meeting excellent, 5 very good, 1 fair and one highly disappointed. We can only be guided by the realistic expectancy of the situation. Others might not enjoy their flight for varying reasons, their meal, seat pitch, entertainment but fail to realise we do not have control over that flight or the airlines employees. This is why under EU regulations we are permitted to limit our liability to the airlines conditions of carriage. As a tour operator we set out to provide the best possible service to all of our clients. Naturally personal expectancy, temperature on a given day, and failure to understand what is being purchased can affect individual perception. Certainly we do promise you that in our opinion we have the most experienced staff, certainly use the best ground service providers and offer a superior standard product.