• Up to 9 Days £30.
  • Children 15 years and under on departure – 50% of above rate if accompanied by an Insured Adult.
  • Infants under 2 on departure – FREE if accompanied by an Insured Adult.
  • Premiums are inclusive of 17.5 % Insurance Premium Tax and subject to change on any amendments to that tax or its rate.


Supplement for Wedding Insurance

  • £30 per couple getting married.


Insurance cover is mandatory if travelling on our tours. You do not have to use Canterbury Travel insurance but we do ask that you are fully covered for all aspects of our tour arrangements. We regret that individual components of our insurance policy cannot be purchased as separate units.

We have arranged a special Holiday Insurance Scheme with Fortis Insurance Ltd for any person travelling on any holidays advertised in this brochure. The full terms, conditions and exclusions are incorporated in the policy which alone constitutes the contract of insurance between the Insured Person and the Insurers. In the event of a dispute regarding the terms and conditions of this insurance the terms and conditions of the policy shall prevail. Shown below are brief details only. A policy will be sent to you with your confirmation of booking or on request. Unless specifically agreed to the contrary this Insurance shall be subject to English Law. This insurance is only available to residents of the E.C.

POLICIES Individual schedules will not be issued, although you will receive a policy, and notice that insurance is effected will be shown on your confirmation of booking form provided that the appropriate premium is paid with your deposit.

A 24 hour emergency aid service operated by Assistance International is available so that any Insured Person may request help in the event of an emergency overseas relating to medical problems for which the cost would be recoverable under the Personal Accident and Medical Expenses Sections. Emergency repatriation will always be to the UK or Ireland according to the tour booked. The limits of cover per insured person are:

1 Personal Accident

A) Death £15,000
B) Loss of Limb(s) or Sight in one or both Eyes, or permanent Total Disablement £15,000
2 Medical Expenses Up to £2,000,000
3 Hospital Benefit £10 per day Up to £200
4 Baggage, Personal Effects(Limit any one article, pair or set £200) Up to £1,500
Cameras and Jewellery (Limit £200 in all) Including delayed baggage (12 hours) Up to £50
5 Money (Cash Limit £150) Up to £250
6 Personal Liability Up to £1,000,000
7 Delay Departure Exceeding 12 Hours
A) £25 after the first 12 hours delay, £15 after each subsequent full 12 hours. Up to £100 or
B) Up to Holiday Cost if holiday cancelled after 12 hours delay
8/9 Cancellation and Curtailment up to Holiday Cost
10 Missed Departure Up to £300
11 Legal Expenses Up to £5,000
Excesses: Sections 1, 3, 7, 11, – Nil
Sections 2, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10 – £30 Each and Every Loss (Delayed Baggage – Nil,
Loss of Deposit – £5)


We must draw your attention to important features of your policy wording including:

Policy Document: You should read this document carefully. It gives you full details of what is and is not covered and conditions of the cover. Cover will vary from policy to policy and insurer to insurer.

Conditions and Exclusions:

Conditions and exclusions will apply to individual sections of your policy while general exclusions and conditions will apply to the whole of your policy.

Fraudulent Claims: It is a criminal offence to make a fraudulent claim.

Health: Your policy contains restrictions regarding pre-existing medical problems concerning the health of the people travelling and of other people upon whose health the trip may depend. You are advised to read your policy carefully, especially the declaration on the back page.

Property Claim: These claims are paid based on the value of the goods at the time you lose them and not on a new for old or replacement cost basis, unless otherwise stated in your policy.

Policy Limits: Most sections of your policy have limits on the amount the insurer will pay under that section. Some sections also include other specific limits, for example: for any one item or for valuables in total. You are advised to check your policy if you intend taking expensive items with you.

Policy Excesses: Under most sections of the policy, claims will be subject to an excess. This means that you will be responsible for paying the first part of the claim. The amount you have to pay is the excess.

Reasonable Care: You need to take all reasonable care to protect yourself and your property.

Complaints: Your insurance policy will have in it a complaints procedure which tells you what steps you can take if you wish to make a complaint. Please Note All claims should be made direct to the Travel Claims Dept, Fortis Insurance Ltd. Please phone 08701 222022 as soon as possible after an event you may want to claim for. Return the claim form, enclosing your confirmation of booking invoice and any other documentary evidence you may have in support of your claim. For cancellation claim please also enclose the invoice showing Canterbury Travels cancellation charges. Please refer to the claims procedure in the policy. In all correspondence please quote your policy number as shown on the policy issued to you and reference CT/LAP/SUM 2007.

Wedding Insurance

If you are getting married on your holiday, we will change your standard Canterbury Travel Insurance cover as follows in return for an extra premium. The following sections are added. Additional expenses up to £1,500 If, before the wedding ceremony, you accidentally damage or lose your wedding attire or wedding rings, or if they are stolen, you can claim up to the following amounts;

  • The bride and bridegroom wedding attire up to £1,500 per person.
  • The wedding rings up to £250 per person.
  • Wedding gifts while at the reception- up to £1,000 in total. As well as the general conditions of your Canterbury Travel policy document, the following conditions apply. What you are not covered for

1a Loss, theft or damage to your personal belongings during your outward or return journey if you do not get a written ‘carriers report’ or a ‘property irregularity report’ in the case of an airline.
Note: If you cannot report the loss or damage to the carrier straightaway, you must do so in writing within seven days.
b Loss or theft of your personal belongings at any other time if you do not report the loss or theft to the police within 24 hours of discovering it and get a report from them.
c Loss or damage caused by delay, wear and tear, moths, vermin, weather, atmospheric conditions or mechanical failure.
d Loss, theft or damage to property left in a vehicle overnight.
e Loss, theft or damage to perishable goods.

2 You are not covered for claims for which you receive compensation from someone else.

1 You must take proper care of your belongings and act as if you did not have this insurance policy.
2 The following conditions apply to claims for temporary loss of personal belongings:
a As well as getting an authorised ‘property irregularity report’ from the carrier or handling agent, you must also write to them within 21 days of receiving your property back to confirm you had to buy replacement items; and
b If your personal belongings are never found and we agree to pay for permanent loss, we will take off any amount already paid for temporary loss.
3 You must keep any damaged property so that we can inspect it. When we make a payment for that property it will then belong to us.
4 If your claim involves a pair or set, we will only pay the value of the part of the pair or set which is lost, stolen or damaged.
Wedding photographs and videos up to £1250 per couple.
You can claim up to £1250 per couple to have your wedding photographs or video retaken if one of the following happens:
1 If the pre-booked photographer does not appear due to their accidental injury or illness; or
2 If your wedding photographs or video are lost or damaged within 14 days of the wedding. As well as the general conditions of your Canterbury Travel policy document, the following conditions apply. Conditions
1 In a country where a professional qualification is not recognised, the individual must be trading as a photographer.
2 You must take proper care of your belongings and act as if you did not have this insurance policy.
3 You are only covered for the additional photographic costs in the event of non-appearance of the photographer or loss or damage of your photographs or video.