Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions answered…

What is included in the cost of my tour?

Return charter flights to and from Rovaniemi, Kittila, Kuusamo or Enontekio in Finland. Services as specified within the tour itinerary. Transfers, accommodation & meals. The loan of all-in-one over garments & boots for the duration of your stay. Gifts for children age 2-11 inclusive on day tours and a gift allowance for children age 2-11 years inclusive on all overnight tours.

Is it like visiting an amusement park with a Santa’s Grotto?

No. We pride ourselves on using resorts & venues which are typically idyllic, traditional & at one with the natural environment. Where possible, our activity programmes are not held in touristic centres.

Will we find Santa?

Rest assured, Santa being such a wise, kind and caring man, knows that you have made a very special effort to find him. And, when you do meet him, he will have a present for all children (ages 2-11 years inclusive.)

How cold will be in Lapland?

Generally temperatures average between -5c and -25c, although it has been known to drop to -45c. It tends to be warmer late Nov and early Dec and you may wish to take this into consideration when booking your tour. However, we do provide a loaned snow suit & boots for the duration of your stay in Lapland, which will keep you warm while participating in the activities.

Will it be dark during our stay?

An average day in Lapland provides 4-5 hours of grey light (usually between 10:00 & 14:30 Finnish time, although this can vary by an hour subject to location.) When the sky is clear, the sky may be blue with the most amazing colours. At other times, the sky will be as though it is night time, although any light is reflected by the snow, making it possible to see where you are walking. Our venues in Lapland are generally lit by roaring fires & Lappish outdoor candles, which also provide a very attractive setting for our events.

Will we see the Northern Lights?

It is possible to see the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis), though as a natural phenomenon, there is no guarantee. Yet, when you are blessed to see them, the lights appear like a storm in the sky with white, red or green lights dancing through the atmosphere.

How safe is it?

It’s perfectly safe as long as you follow the instructions of our Arctic guides. Please remember that our activities operate in Arctic conditions & in the interests of safety your guide may alter the scheduled contents of the tour at any time.

Is the trip suitable for disabled or severely ill children?

We understand that for many severely ill & disabled children that a visit to meet the real Santa is a magnificent dream. Our promise to you is that we care enough to try & ensure that their dream is fulfilled. Over the years we have had the honour to carry many children with conditions such as cancer, cystic fibrosis, blindness, paraplegia & many other disabilities. We hope we can continue to play a part in making such special dreams come true.

Are the trips suitable for adults on their own?

Yes, as most adults really enjoy activities such as husky mushing & snowmobiling. We also offer our Winter Wonderland holidays from late Dec to Apr where you can create your own bespoke package, please visit for further details.

Can we marry or renew our vows in Lapland?

Absolutely! Lapland is the most romantic location to hold your ceremony, no matter what time of year and our weddings coordinator can help take care of everything to ensure your day is memorable. Please call 01923 822 388 to request a copy of our Wedding Brochure.

What is the food like?

It’s not very different to most European tastes. Clients participating on an overnight tour will begin the day with a Finnish buffet breakfast, followed by a simple yet warming lunch provided at the activity venue; dinner is more substantial & caters for English tastes, with children’s favourites such as hamburgers, chips etc. available. All dinners are buffet style, with stations replenished frequently (except if staying at the Aurora Chalet Hotel in Luosto, where there is waiter service.) For Day Tours please refer to the relevant brochure tour where a sample menu is specified. Food will be served throughout the day at your activity venue, as there is no planned sitting arrangement, the size of the Kota Cabins simply will not permit this.

What are the passport & health requirements?

For UK & Irish citizens a full 10 year passport is required for entry into Finland (5 year passport for children). Other passport holders should seek advice from the Finnish Embassy at 38 Chesham Place, London SW1X 8HW. Tel. +44 (0)20 7838 6200. Passports should be valid until following the return date from Finland. For non EU citizens usually a min 3 month passport validity will be required, which should be confirmed with your local Finnish Embassy. Information on obtaining a passport can be found at There are no vaccination requirements, however when travelling overseas, it is prudent to advise your Doctor of your destination & secure the latest professional advise as to any precautions that may be necessary.

What is the local currency?

The Euro is the currency used in Finnish Lapland. Please note there are no banking facilities at Enontekio, Kuusamo or Kittila Airports & only limited facilities at Rovaniemi. It is therefore advisable to obtain currency prior to departure.

And finally… Are you looking for a once in a lifetime trip to Lapland? Do your children want to meet the real Santa in a magical setting? Would you like a fun packed adventure holiday that’s suitable for all? Then we’re sure you’ll choose one of Canterbury Travel’s exclusive tours. Our dedicated reservations team have first hand experience of Canterbury Travel’s Lapland Tours & they will be pleased to answer any questions that you may have. Contact us at Tel. 01923 822388