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Finding good, factual information about booking a trip to Lapland isn’t easy, especially as there are now so many websites and forums with conflicting advice. Please find below some information based on the main questions we are asked by our clients.

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Christmas 2010 - Update

Our Canterbury Tales 2010 brochure (2nd edition) is now available, you can request a copy by using the link on the website. We have added a new 2 night tour, VIP All The Way, which gives you the opportunity to travel by corporate jet and stay in luxury villa accommodation. We have also added the Plakkari log cabin to the choice of accommodation in Luosto, a six bedroom shared cabin with a chef on hand for your meals.

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Summer in Lapland

When you think of Lapland, images of snow and Father Christmas spring to mind. But did you know that Lapland during the summer is just as magical an experience as Lapland in winter? Between June and July temperatures average at around 20°C, and the sun never sets which is how it came to be known as Land of the Midnight Sun. It is an ideal destination for anyone interested in fishing, hiking and bicycling, or anyone just wanting to soak up the scenery.